Terms and Conditions

Updated 19/10/2018

  1. General Service Agreement
    1. Before any work begins the client must agree to, and digitally sign, the General Service Agreement which is provided via email.
    2. The General Service Agreement includes information regarding;
      1. Services provided
      2. Terms of agreement
      3. Payment terms
      4. Confidentiality
      5. Ownership of intellectual property
      6. Indemnification
      7. Enurement
      8. Governing law
      9. Severability
      10. Waiver
  2. Website Content
    1. BitPix will not undertake any work on a project deemed to be unlawful or unsuitable, e.g.
      1. Promoting extremist beliefs
      2. Promoting illegal activities
      3. Inciting racial hatred
      4. Pornographic material
      5. Any other material considered to be unsuitable for publication
    2. Where stock photography or stock videos have been purchased by BitPix on behalf of the client, these images are strictly for use on the website. BitPix does not accept responsibility for misuse of images or have any liability in any ensuing prosecutions through breach of copyright.
    3. BitPix will not be held responsible for any problems associated with incorrect data or files supplied by the client. Although BitPix will assist as much as possible, it is the responsibility of the client to provide correctly formatted data to ensure their product functions to its full capacity.
    4. Websites created by BitPix in no way constitute the endorsement or the approval of the material contained within by BitPix or BitPix employees.
  3. Payment Terms
    1. A 50% non-refundable setup fee is required from the client before any work will be undertaken. The setup fee paid to BitPix covers the cost of design work carried out as well as any other works and services relating to the project.
    2. The remaining 50% fee is to be paid upon mutual agreement of the project completion.
    3. If balance of payment has not been received within 7 days of the invoice issue date, BitPix reserve the right to disable the whole or part of the product that has not been paid for.
    4. If after a period of 1 month the full balance has still not been received, BitPix will instruct a debt collection agency to recover the amount owed. All costs incurred will be charged to the client.
  4. Communication
    1. Project progression can only be achieved with regular communication from the client.
    2. Should a period of two weeks pass without contact from the client, BitPix reserves the right to alter the scheduled priority of the project.
    3. If the client does not make contact for one month, the project will be terminated and the deposit will not be refunded.
  5. Domain Names
    1. If the client owns a domain name prior to working with BitPix, it remains the responsibility of the client to renew their domain names when due.
    2. If a client-owned domain name expires, BitPix cannot be held responsible for any downtime.
    3. Should BitPix purchase and configure the domain name on behalf of the client, renewals will be monitored by BitPix. Renewal payments must still be made by the client.
    4. BitPix have no control over the cost of domain renewals, as these are provided by a third party.
  6. Website Hosting
    1. Website hosting is to be paid by the client after the initial grace period dictated by the chosen package.
    2. BitPix arranges hosting of the client website, but the hosting is controlled by a third party provider and therefore due to circumstances that may be beyond the control of BitPix, uptime is not guaranteed.
    3. BitPix will endeavour to rectify any problems as soon as possible by liaising with hosting providers, and will keep the client fully informed.
    4. BitPix reserves the right to amend the cost of website hosting on an annual basis to reflect changes in the market or changes in client usage.
      1. Website hosting charges will be reviewed annually and agreed upon with the client prior to any amendments.
  7. Hosting Transfers
    1. Should a client wish to move their website to a new provider;
      1. BitPix will provide the necessary backup files and begin the domain transfer as soon as possible once a transfer period is agreed.
      2. BitPix will accept no responsibility or liability should the clients’ website be offline during the agreed transfer period.
  8. Lifetime Support
    1. Lifetime support from BitPix includes only the following;
      1. Answering general questions regarding the use of the website interface
      2. Adjusting responsive content for issues which appear to be unique to a specific device. Applies only to content created by BitPix. See section 8, parts b and c for modifications made by the client or a third party.
      3. Keeping regular website backups
      4. Updating third party applications; e.g. WordPress and WordPress Plugins
      5. Monitoring the web server and liaising with hosting providers to fix any issues
      6. Monitoring and supplying domain renewal notices
      7. Providing security updates
      8. Assisting with transfers should a client wish to migrate to another provider
    2. BitPix does not provide lifetime support for services that have been modified by a third party.
    3. Where the design or coding of the website has been altered, amended or changed in any way by the client or a third party, applicable fees will be charged to restore their original design and/or function.
    4. Lifetime support from BitPix does not include the following;
      1. Adding new pages to a completed website
      2. Updating previous content on a completed website
      3. Changing the design of a website or logo once the project is signed off
  9. Project Completion
    1. Once the project has been signed off by the client, BitPix will not be held responsible for any future changes or updates made by third party products such as WordPress or WordPress plugins that adversely affect the operation of the website.
    2. Should third party updates adversely affect the operation of the website, BitPix will endeavour to rectify these issues if possible, however this may incur a fee.
  10. Search Engine Optimisation
    1. BitPix does not guarantee rankings on search engines.
    2. Whilst website copy and keywords will be modified to provide a better chance of search engine visibility, we do not offer full SEO services.
    3. A third party provider must be engaged by the client to gain SEO advice.
  11. Like-for-Like Quote Guarantee
    1. BitPix will endeavour to beat any like-for-like quote on all services, either through lower prices or adding additional services for the same price
    2. Like-for-like is defined as:
      1. An identical service from another provider
      2. A different service from another provider offering a matching list of features, including but not limited to:
        1. Responsive web design
        2. Ecommerce functionality
        3. Domain/Hosting fee grace periods
        4. Quantity of items (eg. 250 Business Cards or Flyers)
        5. Quantity of email addresses
        6. Quantity of users

  12. Liabilities
    1. BitPix will not be held responsible for;
      1. Adverse market conditions affecting the clients’ business, sales, or profitability.
      2. The content of a clients website.
      3. Changes made to a website by means of third party intrusion, ‘hacking’ or other illegal methods.