Frequently asked questions

Once the services have been agreed upon, we request a deposit up front (50% of the full amount) prior to work taking place. When the work has been completed to your satisfaction and signed off, an invoice for the remainder will be due.

Once you have an invoice from us, paying is easy! We provide all the details you need to pay by direct bank transfer, or you can pay by card right here on the website.

We also accept cheques in some circumstances but cannot begin work until the funds have cleared.

We do not accept cash.

This can be found in the upper right corner of your invoice (if you didn’t receive your invoice please let us know!).

Your invoice number is 8 characters long starting with B, eg B12101803

If you’re having problems paying online, please get in touch with us as soon as possible on 0401 946 604.

Everyone is welcome! We are here to provide our services to anybody that needs them – there are no restrictions. Individuals running a hobby website, startup companies, small and large businesses alike – no project is too small, and we work with you one-on-one no matter the scope.

Yes! We are more than happy to take a look at your current website.

If you have an old website that you’d like to work well on mobile devices, we’ll need to take a look at the code before we can know what the best solution will be – usually depending on the age this will mean transferring your content into our framework to make sure it’s responsive.

If you just need little adjustments here and there, we can do that too!

Absolutely! We will usually collect a few stock photography images during the design stage of your website and will provide them as drafts. Once you’re happy with the design and would like to keep the photos, we can acquire them for you at an additional cost.

Yes! Once we have completed your website, it’s yours. Most clients stay with us for the lifetime of their website due to ease of use and support – but if for any reason you’d like to switch providers, we are more than happy to assist in the transfer of your website to another company.

This will obviously vary from project to project, and relies heavily on timely communication between yourselves and us here at BitPix. We will provide an estimated timescale once your requirements have been discussed, but in general a standard website will usually be ready in no more than 2 weeks.

We’re glad you asked! Somebody had to. BitPix is a mixture of Bit and Pixel.

A Bit is a basic unit of information used in computing and digital communications.

A Pixel is the smallest controllable element on a screen.

Because our creative medium is the internet (all digital) and our websites are built to be responsive right down to the last pixel, we thought BitPix was a great fit! We hope this clears up the most important question on this FAQ.

Your privacy is important to us. We only store information that we need to complete your project. Our full privacy policy is available here.

If you’re ready to get started, just get in touch! There’s plenty of ways to do that, and the easiest way is to call us on 0401 946 604 or check out the contact form below and we’ll give you a call back!

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