The hidden cost of DIY websites

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Your website is a priceless marketing tool that every business needs, and there are many tempting DIY options out there to build your very own on a budget.

Build your own free website in minutes!” is the kind of deceptive link you can find on Google that almost every business owner will click at some point. But with some research and knowledge of the basic setup, you will begin to see the many hidden costs – including your time.

Setup and maintenance cost

Let’s take a famous example without naming and shaming… though I’m sure you can guess the name.

A certain DIY website building service claims to offer “free” websites. They allow you to start building your first page immediately, without any kind of registration or payment required.

This is exactly what everyone wants, and why wouldn’t you? It’s easy, quick and free. But once you’re happy with it, they happily slap you with a sign up page, then once you’re signed up and they have your personal details, you’ll finally see the payment options required to keep what you’ve created. A very manipulative tactic.

Payment options range from $9 per month purely for a single page domain name with their own advertising plastered all over it, all the way up to $27 per month just to be able to add extra pages and sell products online. And this isn’t even including the obscenely priced hosting service and support package.

As a comparison, a professional web design service such as BitPix has a one-off design and development charge and there are no monthly fees to keep the website running. Domains and hosting are included free for the first year, and when they do come into effect they total less than half the price you’ll find on DIY website building services.

Creative freedom?

Building a great design requires not only the creativity and skill to put your ideas onto the page, but also the technical know-how to code the desired features that run your website in the background. The biggest DIY website building service out there claims that you have “the freedom to create anything“.

But how true is this claim? Not very.

Sure it’s very easy to drag and drop buttons, change font sizes and add images. But that’s pretty much where the “freedom” ends. You are stuck with their generic templates that, whilst looking pretty, are used by almost everybody else who decided to go for a DIY website.

Making custom changes is incredibly difficult, and most customisations are actually impossible when using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor such as the ones used on these DIY websites.

You’re never going to be able to get into the code of each object to change animations, responsiveness or any other refinements a professional design company can achieve for you. And these are the things that make your website stand out to potential new customers.

BitPix offers a full range of custom services built around your requirements as a business. There’s no “one size fits all” website template.

Time is precious

And here we come to the biggest cost of all: your time. As a business owner you want to be out there getting customers, promoting your services and doing what you love.

What you don’t want to do is waste your day learning another profession in order to build a website. If you’re confident enough to try building your own website from scratch, then you’re in for a big learning curve. Thinking about hosting packages, DNS propagation, email security and uptime statistics isn’t what you had in mind when you decided you wanted a website, is it?

You are required to understand all of these concepts if you want to build your own website and keep it up and running.

At BitPix we do all of this for you. No nonsense, no hassle, no hidden fees. Just a fast, responsive website built to suit your budget and needs. Get in touch for a free quote today!